Family bible of THOMAS J. REES(E) and ANN PRICE

Wales > Pennsylvania (Schuylkill, Luzerne, and Lackawanna Counties)
Some believed to have migrated to New York (Madison and Onondaga Counties)
Some migrated to California (Calaveras and Alameda Counties)

These surnames are found in the bible: BATTEN - CONNAG / CONNAQ? - JAMES - PRICE - REESE - RICHARDS - SELIGMAN - SMITH - WEAKLIN / WEAKLIM?.


Thomas J. Reese was born Oct 8th 1807
Ann wife of the above was born March 29th 1810
Mary Reese - Daughter of the above was born October 22nd 1828
Cathrine Reese was born July 29th 1830
Jane Reese was born March 16th 1832
Eli Reese was born June 4th 1834
Thomas and Fredrk were born March 22nd 1836
John Reese was born October 19th 1838
David Reese was born Feb 1st 1841
Jacob Reese was born March 22nd 1844
Samuel Reese was born Dec 7th 1846
Margret Ann Reese born March 19th 1850
Angeline Reese born April 13th 1852 Died July 30 1933


Thomas Reese, son of Thomas and Ann Reese, died May 20th 1836
Margret Ann Reese, daughter of Thomas and Ann Reese, died March 22nd 1850
Mrs. Jane Price - died December 14th 1850
David Reese, Son of Thomas and Ann Reese, was wounded August 20th and died Dec 20th 1864 at Andersonville Georgia
Mrs. Ann Reese, wife of Thos J. Reese - died Dec 9th 1880 Age 70 yr 8 mo. 9 days
Mr. Thomas J. Reese - died Oct 15th 1881 Age 74 yrs 8 days
Eli, son of Thos & Ann Reese - died April 19(blurred) 1885
Mrs. Cathren Batten - died Oct 28th 1899. Age 69 yrs
Mrs. Jane Price - died Oct 15th 1901 age 69 years
Fredrk Reese - died Dec 11th 1901 age 66 years
Mrs. Mary James - died May 19th 1905 age 76 yr
John H. Smith - died July 2nd 1906 Age 58 yr
Claude K. Smith, son of John H. and Angeline Smith, died Jan 23 1932 Age 41 yrs 9 mo. 5 days
Angeline Reese Smith, daughter of Thos J. and Ann Reese, died July 30 1933 Age 81 yrs. 3 mo. 17 days


Mary Reese to Wm P James - December 23rd Dec 1844
Jane Reese to Wm Price - Dec 1849
Cathrine Reese to John Batten - 1850
John Reese to Sarah Connag [or Connaq?] - June 1863
Samuel Reese to Mary Weaklin [or Weaklim?] - Feb 2nd 1866 Friday 8:40 p.m.
Jacob Reese to Annie Richards - Feb 22nd 1866
Eli Reese to Belinda Seligman - August 8th 1866
John H. Smith to Angie Reese - May 11th 1881

R. A. Bagley
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