Madison County Proceedings to 1810,
County Courts and Civil List 1806 -1870

Madison County Proceedings to 1810

    At the first general election held in and for the county of Madison, Erastus Cleaveland of Madison, and Sylvanus Smalley of Sullivan, were elected Members of Assembly over Jonathan Morgan of Brookfield, and John W. Bulkley of Hamilton.

    The first county officers, including justices of the Peace, were appointed by the "Council of Appointments," and were as follows:

    Common Pleas Judges.---Sylvanus Smalley, Sullivan Peter Smith of Peterboro; Edward Green of Brookfield; Elisha Payne of Hamilton; David Cook of Sullivan.

    Sheriff---Jeremiah Whipple, Cazenovia.
    Under Sheriff---Levi Love, Hamilton.
    County Clerk---Asa B. Sizer, Hamilton.
    Deputy Clerk---Samuel Sizer, jr., Hamilton.
    Surrogate---Thomas H. Hubbard, Hamilton.
    Coroner---Jabish N. M. Hurd, Cazenovia.

    At this time there were only five towns in Madison county, viz:-Brookfield, Cazenovia, De Ruyter, Hamilton and Sullivan. The justices appointed for these towns were :

    Oliver Brown, Daniel Maine, Henry Clark, jr., Jonathan Morgan, Samuel Marsh and Edward Green, Brookfield; David Tuthill, Samuel S. Breese, Phineas Southwell, Perry G. Childs, Elisha Williams, Daniel Petrie, William Powers and Joshua Hamlin, Cazenovia; Eli Gage, Hubbard Smith and Eleazer Hunt, De Ruyter; Joseph Morse, Simeon Gillett, Benjamin Pierce, Erastus Cleaveland, Elisha Payne, Amos Maynard, Russell Barker, Geo. Crane, Winsor Coomar (now spelled Coman), Hamilton; Gilbert Caswell, Samuel Foster, Walter Beecher, Joseph Frost, Sylvanus Smalley, Peter Smith, David Cook, William Hallock, James Campbell and Joseph Yeaw, of Sullivan.

    The first deed recorded in the Madison County Clerk's office, was from John Lincklaen of Cazenovia, and Gerrit Boon, "formerly of Oneida County," to Elisha Farnham of Cazenovia. The deed is dated April 5, 1806; acknowledged May 5, 1806, before Perry G. Childs, Esq., Master in Chancery, and was recorded on the 7th of May, 1806. The premises conveyed were about 54 acres of lot P. S. of the 4th Allotment of New Petersburg, lying in the very heart of the present village of Cazenovia, and yet the consideration was but $648.

    The first supervisors were : Stephen Hoxie, Brookfield; Lemuel Kingsbury, Cazenovia; Jeremiah Gage, DeRuyter; Erastus Cleaveland, Hamilton, and Jacob Patrick, Sullivan.

    A Brigade had been formed in the county, under the command of General Jonathan Foreman.

    Among the Military officers in commission, in 1806, were Capt. Noyes Palmer, (afterwards Major-General); Capt. David Matthews of Sullivan; Lieut. Ethan Clark of Leonardsville; Ensign Oliver Clark of Lenox; Ensign Peter Chappell of Hamilton, who were living a few years since. There were also Lieut. Oliver Babcock, and Adj't Phineas Babcock of Clarksville, brothers, who died in 1854.

    In 1807, several new towns were formed, and the list gives Brookfield, Cazenovia, DeRuyter, Eaton, Hamilton, Lebanon, Madison, Nelson, Smithfield and Sullivan,-ten instead of five towns.

    The two political parties of 1807, were Federals and Republicans (Democrats), and between them there was a desperate struggle for victory, it being supposed that the result of the election would fix the future political complexion of the county. That year, Sylvanus Smalley, Democrat, and John W. Bulkley, Federalist, were elected to Assembly, making it a drawn battle. Peter Smith was appointed First judge of the Court of Common Pleas, and Oliver Brown appointed Common Pleas judge in the place of judge Cook.

    Judges Smith and Brown were both decided Federalists, and warm supporters of Governor Lewis in opposition to Daniel D. Tompkins, and were doubtless appointed in consideration of their political services, yet at that period, the judiciary when once appointed, were comparatively free from political influences.

    Henry Clark, jr., Brookfield; Elisha Williams, Cazenovia; Robert Avery, Eaton; John Hall, Hamilton; John W. Bulkley, Lebanon; Amos W. Fuller and Stephen F. Backstone, Madison; John Dorrance, Asa Dana and Sanford G. Calvin, Smithfield, and Jacob Patrick, Sullivan, were appointed Justices of the Peace for the year 1807.

    The Military Commissions were as follows : Nathaniel King of Hamilton, Brigadier General; Zebulon Douglass of Sullivan and Nathaniel Collins, Lieutenant Colonels; Amos Maynard and Erastus Cleaveland of Madison, Majors; Daniel Petrie of Smithfield, William Hallock of Sullivan, Jacob Balcom, Nathan Crandall and Gaylord Stevens, Captains; Daniel Olin, Roswell Hutchins, Ambrose Andrews, Timothy Brown, Nicholas Woolaver, Benjamin Wilber, Seth Miner, Charles Huntington, William Bradley, Jabez Lyon, Daniel Jones, Stephen Lee, Samuel Rawson, Asa Randall, Oliver Clark and Sylvester Clark, Lieutenants; Pardon Barnard, Martin Lamb, William Abercrombie, Gilbert Reed, Albert Beecher, Jonathan Nye, John Chambers, Elihu Foote, Stephen Clark, jr., and Thomas Wylie, Ensigns Moses H. Cook, Adjutant; Asahel Prior, Surgeon.

    The election of 1808, gave Sylvanus Smalley the place of State Senator, and Daniel Van Horne, John W. Bulkley and Oliver Brown a seat in the Assembly. The State "Council of Appointments," being Democratic at this period, placed in office the following for this County:

    Judges of the Court of Common Pleas:---Erastus Cleaveland of Madison, and Hubbard Smith of DeRuyter.

    Justices of the Peace:---David Waterman, Brookfield; Elisha Farnham, Samuel Ackley and William Card, Cazenovia; Daniel Alvord and Josiah Purdy, DeRuyter; John Pratt, Eaton; Daniel Smith and Eleazer Sweatland, Hamilton, Amos Maynard, Amos Burton and Gilbert Stebbins, Madison; Isaac Bumpus, Ebenezer Lyon and David Wellington, Nelson; Daniel M. Gillett, Wright Brigham, David Tuttle, Thomas Dibble and Joshua Hamlin, Smithfield; John Lee and John Knowles, Sullivan.

    It is believed that the following persons were Supervisors for the year 1808: Jonathan Morgan, Brookfield; Eliphalet S. Jackson, Cazenovia; Eli Gage, DeRuyter; David Gaston, Eaton; Reuben Ransom, Hamilton;, John W. Bulkley, Lebanon; Erastus Cleaveland, Madison; Ebenezer Lyon, Nelson: Asa Dana, Smithfield; Jacob Patrick, Sullivan.

    Congress had, in the year 1808, placed an embargo upon all American shipping. This bore hard upon the northern and middle States, particularly upon the State of New York, which, at that period, was the greatest grain producing State of the Union, by preventing the exportation of her surplus grain. The Federalists denounced the embargo, and in the State election of April, 1809, this party succeeded in both County and State. For this county, Daniel Van Horne, John W. Bulkley and Amos B. Fuller, Federalists, were elected to Assembly by a large majority. But the incumbent "Council of Appointments" was continued through the year, and which, being nearly all Democrats, only the following appointments were made for this year:

    Samuel Marsh, Brookfield, Judge of Common Pleas; Dennison Palmer, Brookfield, Coroner.

    Justices of the Peace:---Samuel Livermore, Charles L. Usher and. Samuel Marsh, Brookfield; Philip Wager, Roswell Harrison and Chauncey Butler, Sullivan.

    Sylvanus Beckwith of Hamilton, was appointed a Lieutenant, and Zenas Nash and Rufus Skeel of Hamilton, Ensigns.

    In February, 1810, the Council of Appointments was again changed, and being composed of a majority of Federalists, the following appointments were made for this county:

    Common Pleas Judges.---Oliver Brown of Brookfield, Stephen F. Blackstone of Madison, Jeremiah Gage of DeRuyter, and James Green, in place of Judges Smalley, Cleaveland, Edward Green and Hubbard Smith, removed.

    Sheriff.---William Hatch, in place of Jeremiah Whipple.

    Coroners.---Samuel Woods jr., Madison; Myndert Wemple, Sullivan; John D.. Blish, Hamilton, and Daniel Russell, DeRuyter.

    Justices of the Peace.---Ezra Sexton, James McElwain, Daniel Watson and William Russell, DeRuyter; Robert Henry and James Pratt, Eaton; Ezra Fuller and Erastus Daniels, Hamilton; John Sheldon, Josiah Lasell and Elisha Wheeler, Labanon; Nathaniel Hall and Ichabod S. Spencer, Lenox; Levi Morton and Seth Blair, Madison; David Cook, Asa Dana and Nehemiah Huntington, Smithfield; David Beecher of Sullivan.

    Thus the reader obtains a glimpse of the management of civil affairs under the first constitution, when the celebrated "Council of Appointments," controlled in so many departments.

    The various changes made, and the selection of men by the people of our county, may be seen in the following civil list

County Courts and Civil List 1806-1870

Judges of Madison County Courts:

First, Judge Peter Smith, Peterboro, appointed June 10, 1807. Served till 1821.
Judge, Justin Dwinnell, Cazenovia, appointed Feb 1823
Judge, James B. Eldridge, Hamilton, appointed Mar. 16, 1833.
Judge, John B. Yates, Chittenango, appointed Mar. 16, 1836.
Judge, Thomas Barlow, Canastota, appointed Jan. 24, 1843,
Judge, James W. Nye, Hamilton, appointed June.-1847.
Judge, Sidney T. Holmes, Morrisville, appointed Nov.- 1851.
Judge, Joseph Mason, Hamilton, appointed Nov.-1863.
Sylvanus Smalley was judge when Madison County was formed in 1806.

Surrogates of Madison County:

Judge, T. H. Hubbard, Hamilton, appointed Mar. 26, 1806.
Judge, Asa B. Sizer, Madison, appointed Feb. 26, 1816.
Judge, John G. Stower, Hamilton, appointed Feb. 19, 1821.
Judge, Otis P. Granger, Morrisville, appointed Apr. 13,1827.
Judge Jas. B. Eldridge, Hamilton, appointed Feb. 18, 1840.
Judge, James W. Nye, Hamilton, appointed Feb. 18) 1844.
Judge, Chas. L. Kennedy, Morrisville, elected Nov.-1867.
Judge, Chas. L. Kennedy, Morrisville, re-elected Nov.-1871.
Judge of the Court of Appeals: Charles Mason of Hamilton, appointed Jan. 20, 1868; -he still continues in the office.

Sheriffs of Madison County:

Jeremiah Whipple, Cazenovia, appointed Mar. 26, 1806
William Hatch, appointed Mar. 5, 1810
Jeremiah Whipple, appointed Feb. 5, 1811
Elijah Pratt, Smithfield, appointed Mar. 25, 1814
John Matteson, Nelson, appointed Feb. 28, 1815
Moses Maynard, Madison, appointed Mar. 2, 1810
Ezra Cloyes, Morrisville, appointed Feb. 19, 1821
Ezra Cloyes, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1822
Ezekiel Carpenter, Cazenovia, elected Nov. 1825
Pardon Barnard, Lenox, elected Nov. 1828
Joseph S. Palmer, Lenox, elected Nov. 1831
Thomas Wylie, Lebanon, elected Nov. 1834
John M. Messenger, Smithfield, elected Nov. 1837
Isaac Brown, Brookfield, elected Nov. 1840
Samuel French, Sullivan, elected Nov. 1843
William B. Brand, Brookfield, elected Nov. 1846
Francis F. Stevens, Eaton, elected Nov. 1849
Stephen M. Potter, Cazenovia, elected Nov. 1852
Milton Barnett, Smithfield, elected Nov. 1855
Sanford P. Chapman, Lenox, elected Nov. 1858
William F. Bonney, Eaton, elected Nov. 1861
Asahel C. Stone, Smithfield, elected Nov. 1864
Andrew J. French, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1866
Edwin R. Barker, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1869

County Clerks:

Asa B. Sizer, Madison, appointed March 26, 1806
Samuel S. Foreman, Cazenovia, appointed March 5, 1814
Josiah N. M. Hurd, Cazenovia, appointed Feb. 28, 1815
Bennett Bicknell, Morrisville, appointed Feb. 19, 1821
Bennett Bicknell, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1822
John G. Curtis, elected Nov. 1825
Andrew Scott Sloan, elected Nov. 1831
Alexander Donaldson, jr., elected Nov. 1837
Lewison Fairchild, Cazenovia, elected Nov. 1840
Zadoc T. Bentley, DeRuyter, elected Nov. 1843
Andrew S. Sloam, elected Nov. 1846
Lorenzo D. Dana, Fenner, elected Nov. 1849
Lucius P. Clark, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1852
William E. Lansing, Chittenango, elected Nov. 1855
Charles L. Kennedy, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1858
Loring Fowler, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1861
Calvin Whitford, Brookfield, elected Nov. 1864
Nathan Brownell, Hamilton, elected Nov. 1867
Alfred D. Kennedy, Lenox, elected Nov. 1870

County Treasurers:

Since 1848 -[The author has been unable to get this further back.]
Clark Tillinghast, Morrisville, elected Nov 1848
Lyman M. Kingman, elected Nov. 1851
Henry F. Williams, elected Nov. 1854
Alexander M. Holmes, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1860
David F. Payson, Eaton, elected Nov. 1866
Charles T. Bicknell, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1869

District Attorneys:

Daniel Kellogg, Sullivan, appointed Feb. 30, 1809
Thomas H. Hubbard, Hamilton, appointed Feb. 26, 1816
Thomas H. Hubbard, Hamilton, appointed June 11, 1818
William K. Fuller, Chittenango, appointed March 26, 1821
Philo Gridley, Hamilton, appointed - 1829
Justin Dwinnell, Cazenovia, appointed - 1837
Charles Mason, Hamilton, appointed - 1845
Henry C. Goodwin, Hamilton, elected Nov. 1847
William E. Lansing, Chittenango, elected Nov. 1850
David J. Mitchell, Hamilton, elected Nov. 1853
Asahel C. Stone, Smithfield, elected Nov. 1856
Albert N. Sheldon, Hamilton, elected Nov. 1859
Delos W. Cameron, Cazenovia, elected Nov. 1862
Lambert B. Kern, DeRuyter, elected Nov. 1865
Alexander Cramphin, Morrisville, elected Nov. 1868

State Senators from Madison County:

Sylvanus Smalley, Lenox, Western Dist., 1809-10-11-12
Bennett Bicknell, Morrisville, Western Dist., 1815-16-17-18
Thomas Greenly, Hamilton, 5th Dist. 1823-4-5
Charles Stebbins, Cazenovia, 5th Dist. 1826-7-8-9
John G. Stower, Hamilton, 5th Dist. 1833-4-5
Joseph Clark, Brookfield, 5th Dist. 1839-40-1-2
Thomas Barlow, Canastota, 5th Dist. 1844-5-6-7
Asahel C. Stone, Peterboro, 23d Dist. 1850
Simon C. Hitchcock , Cazenovia, 23d Dist. 1854-5
John J. Foote, Hamilton, 23d Dist. 1858-9
James Barnett, Smithfield, 23d Dist. 1866-7

Members of Congress from Madison County:

William S. Smith, Lebanon, 17th Dist. 1813-15
William S. Smith, Lebanon, 17th Dist. 1815-17
Thomas H. Hubbard, Hamilton, 17th Dist. 1817-19
Thomas H. Hubbard, Hamilton, 17th Dist. 1821-23
Justin Dwinnell, Cazenovia, 22d Dist, 1823-25
John G. Stower, Hamilton, 22d Dist, 1827-29
Thomas Beekman, Peterboro, 22d Dist, 1829-31
William K. Fuller, Chittenango, 23d Dist. 1833-35
William K. Fuller, Chittenango, 23d Dist. 1835-37
Bennett Bicknell, Morrisville, 23d Dist. 1837-39
Edward Rogers, Madison, 23d Dist. 1839-41
Lawrence A. Foster, Morrisville, 23d Dist. 1841-43
William J. Hough, Cazenovia, 23d Dist. 1845-47
Gerrit Smith, Peterboro, 22d Dist. 1853-54 (Resigned.)
Henry C. Goodwin, Hamilton, fill vacancy, 22d Dist. 1854-55
Henry C. Goodwin, Hamilton, fill vacancy, 22d Dist. 1857-59
William E. Lansing, Chittenango, 22d Dist. 1861-63
Sidney T. Holmes, Morrisville, 22d Dist. 1865-67

Members of Assembly from Madison County:

    TOWN of BROOKFIELD.--- Stephen Hoxie, [for Chenango County, 1803; Stephen Hoxie, 1804; Oliver Brown, 1808-9, and in 1816; Henry Clark, 1811 and 1822; Dennison Palmer, 1819; Joseph Clark, 1824 and in 1828; John Davis, 1833; Joseph Clark, again in 1835; Wait Clark, 1837; Thomas Keith, 1844; John T. G. Bailey, 1848; Dennis Hardin, 1853; William H. Brand, 1862 and 1863; David L. Fisk, 1870.

    CAZENOVIA.--- Jonathan Foreman, [for Chenango Co.,] 1801; James Green, [for Chenango Co.,] 1803; Luther Waterman, [for Chenango Co.] 1804 and 1805; Justin Dwinnell, 1820-21, and in 1822; Jacob Ten Eyck, 1826; Lemuel White, 1827; John Williams, 1829; Jesse Kilbourn, 1833; William J. Hough 1835 and 1836; Simeon C. Hitchcock, 1842; Stephen M. Potter, 1846; Thomas O. Bishop, 1850; Thomas P. Bishop, 1857; Lester M. Case, 1858; George L. Rouse, 1863.

    DERUYTER.--- James Nye, 1818; Elias P. Benjamin, 1825; James Nye, 1825 Benjamin Enos, 1834, also in 1839 and 1840; Stephen G. Sears, 1845; David Maine, 1849; Simeon Rider, 1859; Joseph W. Merchant, 1869,

    EATON.--- Bennett Bicknell, 1812; John D. Henry, 1812 and 1813; Windsor Coman, 1814 and 1815; Robert Henry, 1831; Uriah Leland, 1839; Calvin Morse, 1842; Albert G. Purdy, 1857; Gardiner Morse, 1866.

    FENNER.--- Daniel M. Gillett, 1823; Herman Van Vleck, 1820 and 21 [for Smithfield]; Daniel M. Gillett, 1832; Sardis Dana, 1834; Ralph I. Gates, 1844; Francis A. Hyatt. 1861.

    GEORGETOWN.--- Stephen B. Hoffman, 1831; William F. Bostwick, 1838; Horace Hawks, 1846; John Clark, 1850; Alfred A. Brown, 1865.

    HAMILTON.--- Samuel Payne, [for Chenango Co.,] 1804; Samuel Payne, 1806; Jonathan Olmstead, 1812 and 1813; James B. Eldridge, 1816, 1817; Jonathan Olmstead, 1816 and 1817; Thomas Greenly, 1818 and 1819; Amos Crocker, 1820; Thomas Dibble, 1826; James B. Eldredge, 1827 and in 1829; William Lord, 1838; Seneca B. Burchard, 1841; Lorenzo Sherwood, 1843; Henry L. Webb, 1852; Gilbert Tompkins, 1855; Orrin B. Lord, 1861; D. Gerry Wellington, 1867.

    LENOX.--- Sylvanus Smalley, 1806 and 1807, also in 1808; Nathan Hall, jr., 1816; Pardon Barnard, 1822; Thomas Spencer, 1824; Sylvester Beecher, 1827; John Whitman, 1831; Nehemiah Batchelor, 1832; Jason W. Powers, 1835; Silas Sayles, 1837; Daniel Van Vleck, 1841; Venoni W. Mason, 1843; Thomas T. Loomis, 1846; George B. Rowe, 1852; Franklin M. Whitman, 1854; Aaron-Brush, 1855; John Snow, 1856; Albert G. Purdy, 1862; Benjamin F. Bruce, 1867; Leonard C. Kilham, 1868 and 1869, and 1870.

    LEBANON.--- John W. Bulkley, 1808, 1809, 1810 and 1811; Curtis Hoppin, 1823; Ephriam. Gray, 1836; Henry Palmer, 1843; Franklin B. Hoppin, 1851; David Clark, 1860; Bushrod E. Hoppin, 1867.

    MADISON.--- Erastus Cleaveland, 1807; Amos B. Fuller, 1810; Stephen F. Blackstone, 1814; Moses Maynard, 1816 and 1817; David Woods, 1818; Levi Morton, 1820; WM. Berry, jr., 1820 and 1821; Rutherford Barker, 1823; Wm. Manchester, 1830; John Head, 2d, 1832; Erastus Cleaveland, 1833; Isaac Coe, 1837; Daniel Barker, 1840; Geo. W. Taylor, 1847; Samuel White, 2d, 1854 and 1856; John W. Lippett, 1864.

    NELSON.--- Eliphalet S. Jackson, 1816 and 1820; Eri Richardson, 1828; Onisemus Mead, 1838; Oliver Pool, 1841; Alfred Medbury, 1844; Wesley M. Carpenter, 1868.

    SULLIVAN.--- Daniel VanHorn, 1808, 1809 and 1810; Zebulon Douglass, 1811; Walter Beecher, 1812 and 1813; David Beecher, 1814 and 1815; Solomon Beebe, 1819; John Knowles, 1828; William K. Fuller, 1829 and 1830; John B. Yates, 1836; Friend Barnard, 1839; Job Wells, 1842; John I. Walrath, 1845; Peter VanValkenburg, 1847; George Grant, 1848; Jerius French, 1851; Robert Stewart, 1858; Daniel F. Kellogg, 1864; Robert Stewart, 1867.

    SMITHFIELD.--- Elisha Carrington, 1814; Nehemiah Huntington, 1825 and 1826; John M. Messenger, 1830; Daniel Dickey, 1840; Robert G. Stewart, 1849, James Barnett, 1860; Caleb Calkins, 1866.

    STOCKBRIDGE.--- Henry T. Sumner, 1834; William Smith, 1845; Marsena Temple, 1853; Noah M. Coburn, 1859; Alvin Strong, 1865.

    DELEGATES TO CONVENTION To REVISE CONSTITUTIONS: In 1822, Barak Beckwith, Cazenovia; John Knowles, Chittenango; Edward Rogers, Madison. In 1846, Benjamin F. Bruce, Lenox; Federal Dana, Fenner. In 1867, LesterM. Case, Cazenovia; Loring Fowler, Canastota.

    PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS FROM MADISON COUNTY: President, James Madison, 1808; William Hallock. President, James Madison, 1812; Thomas Hubbard, Hamilton. President, James Munroe, 1820; Elisha Farnham. President, Zachery Taylor, 1848; Oliver Pool, Nelson. President, Abraham Lincoln, 1860; John J. Foote, Hamilton. President, Abraham Lincoln, 1864 Robert Stewart, Chittenango.

Source: ("HISTORY OF MADISON COUNTY, STATE OF NEW YORK," BY MRS. L. M. HAMMOND, SYRACUSE: TRUAIR, SMITH & CO., BOOK AND JOB PRINTERS, 1872. p 143) - Contributed by J. Rush Marshall -- Cazenovia, NY, October 1999.
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