Madison County Bios

From "History of Chenango and Madison Counties, NY"

ARMSTRONG, Jabin - Lebanon

BARLOW, Thomas - Stockbridge
BENTLEY, A. V. - DeRuyter
BERRY, George - Stockbridge
BLAIR, Jeremiah - Nelson

BROWN, Hon. Alfred A. - Georgetown
BROWN, Elijah - Georgetown
BROWNELL, Nathan - Hamilton

CHAPMAN, B. Franklin - Stockbridge
CLARK, Joseph - Brookfield
CLARK, Lucius Palmer - Eaton
CLARKE, Rev. J. - DeRuyter
CLARKE, Wait - Brookfield
COE, Albert E. - Stockbridge
COE, Isaac - Madison
COLE, Truman - Madison
COLLESTER, Isaac - Madison
COOLIDG, James - Madison
CRANDALL, Henry D - Brookfield
CRUMB, Joseph H. - DeRuyter

FISK, Ephriam - Lebanon

GAGE, Edward L. - DeRuyter
GREENWOOD, Levi Pierce, M.D. - Nelson

HALE, Chauncey H. - Stockbridge
HAMILTON, David & Mary - Nelson
HARRIS, Dr. Thomas L. - Cazenovia
HAWKS, Horace - Georgetown
HESLER, Ephraim B. - Cazenovia
HESS, M. M. - Stockbridge
HILL, John & Isyphene Annas - Fenner
HOYT, Joseph Barnum - Cazenovia
HUBBARD, Calvin - Hamilton
HYATT, Francis Austin - Fenner

JARVIS, Capt. Thomas N. - Stockbridge
KERN, Lambert B. - DeRuyter
LAWRENCE, George - Stockbridge
LEWIS, Capt. Daniel - Stockbridge
LINCKLAEN, John - Cazenovia

MAYDOLE. James H. - Eaton
McDOUGALL, Duncan - Stockbridge
MINER, Harris Coats - DeRuyter
MONTAGUE, Linus - Cazenovia
MORROW, John B. - Georgetown
MOSELEY, Zinah Josiah - Georgetown

PAGE, Ruel - Sullivan
PALMER, Ephraim - Lebanon
PAYNE, Elisha - Hamilton
PERKINS, Willess C. & Wilson L. - Cazenovia
PHELPS, Ambrose - Madison
PHIPPS, Abi A - Stockbridge

SAUNDERS, Dr. A. S. - Brookfield
SEYMOUR, Alfred - Lebanon
SMITH, John E. - Eaton
SPEAR, Prof. Philetus B, D.D. - Hamilton
STORRS, Dan - Eaton
TILLINGHAST, Bradley - Eaton
TOOKE, Michael - Eaton
WEST, Charles - Eaton

All Bios above transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed, 1999.

Bios from other sources

DURFEE, Magdalena Pickle

Bios from History of Bremer County, Iowa

CURTIS, JOHN - lived in Madison County
FARR, WILLIAM - native
ORVIS, S. N. - lived in Madison County
PALMER, A. - native

Bio from Bremer County, Iowa

FELT, Percea - Lebanon

Submitted to Bremer County, Iowa site by Alan D. Henry

All Bremer County, IA bios contributed by Linda McCann, Sept. 2002
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